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The following mentioned are the terms and conditions of the agreement to which you would have to abide by as a member of the EYE Affiliate Program. By applying to be an affiliate you would be bound to abide the rules and conditions set in the agreement.

Modifying This Agreement

Eye Affiliates in its own discretion has the responsibility to make changes in this agreement at any time by notifying you about the same. The modification which it has the authority to make is that for fees, schedules of payment or any other rules. Any changes made in this agreement are found not acceptable by you then you can simply terminate the agreement in written to the EYE Affiliates. Your continued participation in this program means you accept the changes in the program.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Linking to Eye Affiliates

By agreeing to participate in the EYE Affiliates Affiliate Program, you agree to create a unique link from your site to EYE Affiliates. The form of such link must be approved by EYE Affiliates, or by its agent. You shall not make any claims, representations, or warranties in connection with EYE Affiliates, and you shall have no authority to, and will not, bind EYE Affiliates to any obligation without first obtaining written permission from EYE Affiliates or its authorized agent.


You would have to abide to all the rules and regulations set in here and certify Eye Affiliates in regards to match the ethics level of the site content. The site content would have to match the levels of decency and should be free from child pornography, illegal acts and violence activities. Further by no means the site should promote discriminations in regards of caste, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age and there should be no violation of the property rights.

While signing for a contract with the Eye Affiliates you would have to provide absolute information which would not be limited only to your identity, contact details, payment means but also at times could be information which Eye Affiliates would request for.

Eye affiliates assigns you the non-exclusive right to guide the individuals to our site and services keeping in mind the terms and conditions. For this there are no referral fees or concessions that would be given out. Also you would have to keep in mind that Eye Affiliates at any time has the authority to charge for any issues that do not match out with the points mentioned here.

Responsibility for your site and other marketing materials

For all the displays of the site you would be entirely responsible in regards to the development, maintenance and operation of the site. These functions would enforce you to be responsible to see to it that your site does not post materials that are harmful and unethical. Further you will have to underwrite and keep EYE Affiliates harmless from all damages and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees) that are related to the development, maintenance and contents of your sites and your performance. Also you would have to agree to abstain from using spam for marketing related products and services based on widely accepted rules.

PPC Campaigns

No affiliates should Bid For any or all brands promoted by EYE affiliates in any regards including any misspelling.

License to Use Marks

The terms of agreement in the EYE Affiliates also grant a non-exclusive transferable license to use the intellectual property but it should be in regards to the promotion of the EYE Affiliates.Com. The license cannot be absolutely assigned or transferred to you as your rights would be limited a certain extent only. The right to access would be limited and you cannot invalidate or contest the ownership of the actions or the proceedings of any kind that may break the rights and let down the good will of EYE Affiliates.

Confidential Information

In the time period of abiding the terms of the agreement you would be entrusted to maintain the confidential information related to the business, operational work or the underlying technology of EYE Affiliates and the referral program. Without any prior written consent you cannot disclose any information to third persons or the outside parties. Your commitment to respect the confidential information is an important factor for not abiding would lead to the termination of the agreement.

Fee Schedule and Payment

As mentioned under the Partnership Plan you would be eligible to earn referral fees. EYE Affiliates has the right to change the fees structure and also the methods of calculating it but EYE Affiliates would definitely take the efforts to inform the same prior to the changes. Modifications of the fees schedules would be effective only when put into action and the same would be notified to all. In the course of any changes made in the fees structure which is unacceptable by you then you can have the agreement terminated by sending it across in writing. Further continuous involvement in this program would bind you to accept the change. Payments would be made on a monthly basis that would be by the 20th of the month and credited to your respective EYE Affiliates account. The credits would be accrued until the total of it equals a 50. To receive the payments on time all the affiliates need to send the Invoice before 10th of every month.If we do not receive the Invoice within 180 days after meeting the threshold all the affiliate earnings will be forfeited.

Net Revenue” is defined as purchases minus (payouts, chargebacks, license fees and taxes where applicable).

The Referral fees structure would be based upon the good faith based on the statistics available

Regarding any concerns of the fees not credited properly EYE Affiliates would not take the responsibility of the same. You can check out with the activity reports by accessing it online at http: EYEAffiliates.com. EYE Affiliates would make concerted efforts to keep this link available at all times only in certain circumstance that is during site maintenance and updates of sites.

Once you become an affiliate then you get the advantage to access all the marketing materials containing the distinctive affiliate code. As soon as a potential customer links to the website of EYE Affiliates then they would receive a cookie on the computer screens with the code. This code would be fixed on the screens for 30 days unless it is not removed. If the customer leaves the site and while returning it still shows the cookie active then that would be recognized as your referral. When the referrals would register at EYE affiliates at this time period then that would tag the customer's account with your code. EYE Affiliates will not take any responsibility for any problems of tagging an account with the code.

Any deposit of payment or acceptance of payment transfer would be considered the full and final settlement of the fees due for the month unless you do not confirm it across by sending a notice of disagreement and the amount being payable within 20 days from the date of payment is made. For any failure to send across the notice would waive your rights to waive any fees for the relevant time period.

Anti- Predatory Advertising Policy

The affiliate do not have the right to seize, change, interfere and hinder the web users online access or any other aspect of the online experience of the web users at any affiliates webpage.
No affiliate will block, alter, substitute and interfere in any manner that would cause

Term and Termination

The term of this agreement will begin on submitting the sign up page and would be continuous unless the either party notifies in writing to terminate the agreement. Termination can be accomplished by you or by the EYE Affiliates at any time by giving notice to the other party. The notification can be served by email or through a written notification.

If termination is by EYE affiliates and is not done by the violation of the agreement then you would be entitled to unpaid any referral fees if you have already earned it prior to the date of termination.

On termination you would be liable to remove all EYE Affiliates icons and banners from your site and disable the link from your site. All the rights and licenses given to you would immediately be dismissed on the termination of the agreement.

On termination of this agreement due to any reason, EYE Affiliates would withhold your final payment for a limited time so as to ensure that the accurate amount is paid. Further also upon the termination of the agreement for any reason you will have to return to EYE Affiliates all copies in your possession in regards to the confidential information of EYE affiliates which could be related to trade names, trademarks, logos, service marks and others. Before or after the termination of this agreement, EYE affiliates have the right to change the agreement or the fees schedule with the modification being implemented immediately.

Relationship of Parties

In this agreement, you and EYE affiliates would be independent in regards to the functioning and there is no partnership, franchise, joint venture or any kind of employment relationship between the parties. You would not be authorized to make or accept any offers or representations and also would not make any statement which would be contradictory.


You would be responsible to oppose, indemnify and hold EYE Affiliates completely harmless from and against any liabilities, losses, costs and damages, also including the attorney fees resulting from (a) breach of any warranty, representation or agreement (b) your performance of duties and responsibilities under this agreement (c) your negligence (d) an injury caused to you directly or indirectly due to your negligent acts.


EYE Affiliates will not acclaim or express any representations with respect to the referral program or the referral payment instructions (which include functionality, warranties of fitness, legality). Further also EYE Affiliates makes no representation that the operation of our site would be absolutely uninterrupted and error free and EYE Affiliates would not be liable for the consequences of any errors caused due to interruption.

Operating Agreement and Disclosure

Limitations of Liability

EYE Affiliates would not be held responsible for any indirect or consequential damages (any loss of revenue, profits, information etc.) that would arise in connection to the agreement or the referral program. Further even EYE Affiliates aggregate liability that would arise in respect to the agreement and program should not exceed the total referral fees paid or liable to be paid under this agreement. Nothing in this shall be interpreted to provide any rights, remedies or benefits to any person. Any liability rising out from this agreement shall be solely satisfied from the referral fees generated and is limited to direct damages.

EYE Affiliates in its sole discretion power can block or restrict certain players to reduce the fraudulent and unprofitable transactions for any reason. The body can do this with or without issuing a notice and it also does not guarantee or warrant the success of such prevention acts.

Governing Law

The agreement is regulated by the laws of UK and any action related to this agreement will have to be brought out by UK and you would have to abide by it. To implement any action or legal proceeding has to be related to the agreement in UK and no other jurisdiction.


Without any prior written consent you shall not be able to assign the agreement. This agreement with subject to the restriction, would be binding and also enforceable against you and to the affiliates


The failure of EYE Affiliate to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this agreement will not be liable for a waiver. Any changes, additions or deleting any of the points of the agreement will not be allowed. No rights have been imparted to the employees, officers and agents to modify or waive any provision of the agreement.


The rights and remedies shall work mutually exclusive together and that is the exercise of one or more than one of the provisions would not forbid the action of another provision. No contents of this agreement shall limit any of the rights of the law or breach any of the provisions of the agreement. In case of a breach of any provision of the agreement the rights and responsibilities of the parties would be enforceable by a specific performance. No point of this agreement would limit or affect any rights of the law and any implementation of no breach is required from it.

Severability / Waiver

When possible, the provision of the agreement shall be represented in such a manner so as to be effectual and valid under law. If any of the provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or not enforceable then that would be considered ineffective. There would be no waiver given for failure from enforcing the rights.

Operating Agreement and Disclosure

As it is known that the laws of gambling vary from one city to another city and in fact from a country to a country. After evaluating the laws in your locale and considering the ones that represent the eye affiliates you can go ahead to participate in the EYE Affiliate program.

By putting forward your request to become an affiliate, you acknowledge the fact that you have read the agreement and you have independently taken the sole decision of participating in this program. Further by giving your consent for this agreement you will have to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned here.


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