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EYE Affiliates Privacy Policy

The contents designed by the website will have to abide by the privacy policy as set by the EYE Affiliates subject to no limitations.

Please read the guidelines given below to have the same followed while using the websites. Any clause that you do not find it acceptable will refrain you from using the websites

The privacy policy combined to the general terms of use that are available at EYE Affiliates.com, sets the basis of the personal information collected from you (it includes your name, details and e-mail addresses) which would be further processed by us.

Read the following details carefully to get a clear understanding of the views and practices.

EYE Affiliates is dedicated to preserve the privacy of all viewers to the websites. We mainly aim to ensure that all services provided from our websites are absolutely safe and secure.

1. Information collected from you

The following information given would be collected from you to have the same processed:

a. The information begins with the details that you would give while registering yourself to the website that is while filling up the forms. The data would be such as subscribing to any of the services, posting any facts or requesting for any services. Information would also be required from your end when you join in for any competition or promotion, while reporting any difficulty faced at our websites.

b. Records for communication purposes

c. Your feedback for any of the surveys conducted in research purposes but it is not compulsory to respond to such surveys.

d. The details of payments, games, bets and all other transactions being conducted at the websites and also information regarding the fulfillment of the orders.

e. All the details of your visit made to the websites including that of the web pages and resources that you would access. This data collected will also include traffic, weblogs, communication and location data.

f. The information and communication on forums on the websites such as that of chat rooms and message boards.

2. Use of this Information

2.1 The information collected from your end we would have it processed and also if required have it shared with the third party processors who would process it on our behalf for the purposes mentioned below:

a. Re-activating, operating and managing your EYE Affiliates account and also including services that you would request from us.

b. Framing the personal profiles of all customers

c. Giving out information about all promotional offers. In case you do not wish to receive any information about the promotional offers and any events likely to happen then you would have to click on the applicable ((((("opt out option"))))) box mentioned in the account registration form. The marketing and promotional activities would be in accordance to the relevant law which includes Communications (Personal Data & Privacy) Regulations 2006 and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

d. Validating the accuracy of the information collected at your end which also would also apply disclosing your information to the third parties (they include financial houses, age verifying agencies, credit reporting) where applicable.

e. Prevention of fraudulent activities such as money laundering, adhering to the terms of use, reducing credit risk and protecting the integrity of sports and games. To abide by all this you would be required to reveal your information on betting and the gaming history to required third parties which are the concerned regulators, financial institutions, agencies responsible for verifying age, authorities in charges of safety measures.

f. To be in accordance with the legal and regulatory responsibilities of the relevant licensing and regulatory authorities that are owed under the applicable legislative and concerned regulators in the jurisdictions.

g. Enforcement and application of the terms of use available at EYE Affiliates.com and the other policies of the agreement and taking appropriate measures to protect the rights and ensure safety of customers and EYE Affiliates.

h. Processing cards and online payments associated with the affiliate program.

i. Managing the data clean up, proper authentication and augmentation exercises undertaken (for e.g. verifying the data against the third party in regards to movers and recent deaths.

j. Aiming to fulfill the criterion which is necessary to enhance the performance of the contractual bindings.

2.2 Accessing the internet to collect and process the information accurately which would also require the transmission of information in the international scenario. Some third party processors engaged by us who would process information on our behalf may be based outside the European Economic Area (EEA). By browsing through our websites you would acknowledge to the transmission and processing of the information outside the EEA. The countries that do not fall in the category of EEA do not possess strong laws of data protection. However EYE Affiliates would take rational steps to ensure that your information when used by third party is in accordance with the safety and security measures.

2.3 Except for the fact that we would engage third parties to process your information for certain purposes as listed above we would not disclose it outside the EYE Affiliates , except in regards to the connection with the joint venture or any proposed sale. The details would be disclosed only when it is demanded by law to do so or else the information would not be shared to any other party.

3. Monitoring of Transactions

All the details regarding games, account transactions and bets would be recorded in the computer system. There is also a continuous monitoring of all the transactions taking place to enhance the service levels provided to you.

4. Telephone Calls

All your telephonic conversations regarding a bet or a customer service call would be recorded for training and quality enhancement purposes. Further it would also serve to assist in giving a speedy resolution to the queries.

5. Cookies and Tracking

EYE Affiliates can automatically collect information about all bets and account transactions happening at the websites with the help of cookies.

a. Generally while placing a bet the information gets stored in the cookie till the completion of the transaction. There are other settings also such as the language and odds type that you would have selected get stored in the cookies for longer duration so that when you return to the websites again then the settings as much as possible remain the same.

b. To keep a track of the browsing patterns of all customers on the websites and to build a demographic profile so as to give out a better experience. You also have the facility to stop the tracking of the cookies by altering the settings of your browsers privacy option to block the third party cookies. You an avail the information on this by visiting www.aboutcookies.org. If you are not interested to use the cookies then you will not be able to use the ample functionality of the websites. Also if you set the privacy options on a very high status then it might cause problems to use while logging on to use the websites.

6. Security and Privacy

a. EYE Affiliates take in appropriate security measures to protect your information from being accessed by any unauthorized person and also to prevent any illegal processing, destruction damage and any accidental losses. You can be rest assure to protect your information regarding the registration details and especially regarding your debit or credit card details. The data is well encrypted using the technology of Secure Sockets Layer. In places when the site has forwarded you a password then you would be responsible for keeping the password confidential.

b. All your personal information given by you would be encrypted at all times while you access to the internet. The SSLs technology encrypts all information sent out by you to proper and secure pages. The server would read the information sent out by you with the help of a private key. This ensures that any authentic information given by you would be sent to secure pages and would be turned to a code there and the same can be decoded only with the help of the key or password. The password given out by us you would be held responsible to ensure its safety and accessibility.

c. The transmission of any data or information via the internet is generally not considered completely secure. EYE Affiliates does its best to protect your information with the decoding concept but yes it would not take the guarantee of any information that you would disclose it online. While being a part of this you certainly have to adhere to the implications of internet security and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless we have been negligent for any issue. To protect your privacy we would encourage you not to include any sensitive information via any emails send to us.

d. From time to time there would be certain links offered by the websites associated with other partner networks, affiliates and advertisers. When you follow these links then that would take you to another web site and you would have to keep in mind that these websites have their own privacy terms/ site policies of use and EYE Affiliates would not take any responsibility or authenticity of these policies. Therefore it is required for you to check these policies well before you submit any kind of information to there.

7. Retention and Disposal

It would be the entire responsibility of EYE Affiliates to retain any kind of financial information for a period of 7 years. Any other information apart from this would be withheld by EYE Affiliates for the time period required for the fulfillment of the objectives. The retention of any information being prolonged has to be accepted under the terns of law.

8. Changes to our policy

In situations when circumstances demand we can go ahead to make any modifications in the policy which would be made effective on posting of the updated policy at the websites.

9. Accuracy and access to information

a. We would take reasonable steps to ensure that the information that we have collected from your end is authentic and accurate by doing proper verification for the same.

b. You are designated with the authority to update us in case of any change in the information to maintain the accuracy of the information. As per law we are entitled to put across a small administrative charge for changing the information.

c. All kinds of feedbacks, queries and requests are welcome by EYE Affiliates in writing or through telephone through the Contact us section on the website.

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